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tv   Headline News  RT  January 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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today's news and the week's top stories here on r t volgograd mourns the thirty four victims of two terrorist attacks while doctors fight to save the injured brings you the story of a nine year old girl saved by a stranger after a suicide bomber hit the russian city's main train station. a french military contingent fails to stem a wave of bloodshed that's gripped the central african republic with the u.n. now raising the alarm of a looming humanitarian crisis the situation is out of control in the fulfilment of the central african republic is not capable to control this frightens party talks to the aid group doctors without borders about the carnage ravaging the state even hospitals and medics come under fire. tough economic times for the
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governments reducing popular support paving the way for a resurgent far right movements just months before the european parliamentary elections. and sought to get some world class illumination we report on one of a kind of lighting system that will make the upcoming olympics sparkle throughout the winter darkness. you're watching our t.v. live from our moscow studios i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. the onset of the new year was a time of grieving for russia southern city of volgograd devastated by two terrorist attacks on monday a trolley bus was ripped apart by a suicide bomber that was less than twenty four hours after an explosion shook the city's main train station.
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yes. but. it was the two assaults left thirty four people dead and dozens more injured many of whom are still in intensive care one of those is a nine year old girl artie's medina cochon of i met with the man who rescued her. it was just another day for you volga grad's a main train station but suddenly at old changed. there was a loud clamp the force of it was so strong that it smashed the windows on the doors of the luggage room i got up and rushed in to help people it was the first of two explosions that rocked the city just east before then you hear the blast of the station set off by a suicide bomber route through a crowded area between the entrance and the security metal detectors and. then
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i noticed a man in a girls a run towards the girl asked her whether she could breathe she was losing consciousness i picked her up and carried out of the station you'd be saved a nine year old all following an ironic twist of fate she was there with her family to return train tickets as they decided to travel by plane in stat. she was so brave she didn't even cry i was talking to her all the time she kept saying that she wanted to sleep but she was just losing consciousness and i was telling her just don't sleep don't sleep. there was panic and horror in the street to beauty some time to find an ambulance for their girl. i rushed to the ambulances but they told me the only take grownups and that i have to wait for the children's emergency to arrive i apologize now but i thought that time i broke down i started yelling at them swearing and finally they took her. as soon as transportation was
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possible the youngest victims of the volga grad terror attacks were delivered here to the children's clinic hospital in moscow and currently doctors are battling to save their lives dr c. the girl has damage to her lungs her mother is with her at the hospital and her condition is stable but serious as the first shock of what happened fade it all disappear and started to look for their daughter's rescuer they even posters or call for help on this social network please help us identify the man who carried out of the train station after the bombing on december twenty ninth twenty thirteen he told her not to fall asleep the girl remembers him has been asking about him for two days straight we really want to tell him thank you so that it was good we will meet again definitely i will wait for her recovery and will keep in touch so.
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why do the question our team moscow. and next hour here on our team we're reporting on the struggle to save the younger survivor of people that bradlaugh a three month old his family is torn between hope for her recovery angry at the loss of her mother. since the volgograd bombings r.t. has been getting reactions and expert opinions from around the world most experts we talked to seem to agree that no country is can go it alone when it comes to counter terrorism. we're talking about asian harvest movement which is linked to a car that is our problem and just in russia but also in other countries including in syria as we know now now the direct motive is not different from the previous attacks on moscow on other locations inside russia and are would say it is not so different from attacks that has happened around the world why blacks and one hundred seventy two and the olympics in germany any sporting event of
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a major size is bound to attract terrorist activity there isn't doesn't some months or lie on the bank it relies on the fear of the bank is quite clear that even though volgograd is some four hundred miles away from the site of the winter olympics it is a transport hub for that part of russia and whatever the media impact on the russian public and not just the russian public but those traveling to the goings next year it requires an international response because all many conscionable are threatened by this there is the danger that when terrorism occurs in russia it's kind of dismissed or it's kind of regarded as not really the same thing so i think there's a double standard here we've got to take these terrible terrorist attacks in russia very seriously as seriously as we take these attacks in new york or in london and until that happens until the west does take this seriously i'm afraid that we're not going to get the action needed internationally to stop these attacks taking place in the future. on our website you can get a timeline at the tragic events involve
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a crowd as well as the investigators latest findings that updates on how the injured survivors are fairing. hospitals have come under fire in the central african republic for the past over the past week as violence in the country reached crisis point the international charity doctors without borders has been forced to scale back its work in the country's largest refugee camp the u.n. is now also warning of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe with disease rampant among more than a million displaced people half of whom face starvation and military contingent has been battling militants there but has so far failed to bring any security to the country as artist or if a national reports. less than a year after french moods marched into mali france again is fighting in another of its former colonies in africa. let's address the situation in the central african republic is alarming if not frightening. paris received a green light from the un security council to use military force to restore order
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after deadly ethnic russians in the country escalated. i have decided to act immediately or more precisely this very evening this eight hundred french soldiers were sent to the violence torn country to join the six hundred already deployed there on a force that france has no or the most of them to save human lives a month later and lives are still being lost on all sides france's sixteen hundred strong force appeared and mabel to put an end to ethnic tensions dating back to the central african republic independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty four through france form a monopoly is responsible for helping to create in africa a number of totally artificial states like ca are and now they jump in with this operation which is stupid militarily economically and politically dangerous scandalous from
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a human perspective and lead to zero results that zero results if we are talking bringing. stability to the country but alan christine president of france is new and capitalist party believes there is more to paris his decision to intervene that of your four fifth france used to pretext of human rights but in fact it was aimed at protecting its economic interests the c.a.r. is rich in resources but it mostly has value due to its strategic location in the center of a vast and rich area so it's eventually all about dominating and controlling the entire region. but others see the african country central location on the continent as the key to fulfill the stated goals of the french military mission of securing the entire region. france and other european countries are threatened by islamic radical and terrorist groups that are now decentralized and developed in the belt from the mercian teenie a coast to somalia. and french troops deter these dangerous forces and also prevent
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pirates and drug traffickers from united. but would both critics and advocates of the french military operation in the central african republic equally agree on is that no matter what the intentions are behind france's authorities' decision to get involved it's the french people footing the bill that was. the operation only became needed as there was a failure of diplomacy and politics in the c.a.r. a failure of the un the african union economic community of central african states and the you know who pays for this pricey campaign french taxpayers. surveys show less than half of the french population suppose the country's latest michu expedition to africa pushed forward by france's least popular president in polling history why more than a thousand french soldiers are now in the central african republic here in paris
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the intervention into the country's former colony still gets a mixed reaction no one's really sure if it's an act of goodwill or a calculated move to benefit fronts. resurrection are seeing reporting from paris. we spoke to karl in clare an emergency manager with doctors without borders here's what she had to say about the situation. we see more than six hundred thousand people displaced olf alone two hundred thousand in the capital and the finance is continuing our teams are witnessing that bodies on the streets every day yesterday in the camp close to the airport where more than one hundred thousand people are at this moment looking for safety. the shooting in the camp and the shooting is so big that even our clinic cannot continue in its normal way so we can no longer treat moments ration we have still one or two doctors in the camp just to take care of the heavily injured people but it's almost impossible for doctors without borders
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to continue its work at this moment is that the hospitals in bangor but also in the rest of the central african republic are are in feted by armed men we have people discriminates in the hospital who came there to a deck patients inside the hospital so yes we see oh it's a big problem inside the hospitals are our biggest concern is of the situation inside the hospitals but also his people not being able to access medical care because they're too scared to go to help post and are too scared to go to hospitals outside of bangui our estimation is that more than six hundred thousand people are living in the bush years now i've met them i faced them in the bushes and people are more nervous they have problems just accessing food to accessing health care and you can just see that people are living in extremely poor conditions they're literally living in the bush this close which are more or less wrecks and some people live already since april last year in the bush. and al qaeda linked group is
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gaining ground in iraq declaring an islamic state in the country's capital coming up we'll hear from a veteran of the iraq war on the latest developments there. plus it's a bizarre new craze punching strangers on the streets apparently just for fun we'll bring you the story of these so-called knockout attacks in u.s. cities later on in the program. on their way to and talk to the crew of the i could to make sure that a face many challenges. here you have to look out for yourself crashing on to rocks trapped in pack ice in extreme conditions and the thing can happen and dark to go always comes up with surprises you have to keep your eyes open because there's always something going wrong the ship carries huge reserves of water food fuel as well as helicopters and people able to survive extreme conditions they're ready for anything even an apocalypse she's really an incredible ship. calling all
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antarctica stations this is going to make it feel that of radio check please respond. car and roadside bombs have read through commercial areas in iraq's capital baghdad killing at least twenty people the army is battling al qaeda linked fighters in nearby fallujah after insurgents to control there on friday and declared an islamic state for more on this adam kokesh an iraq war veteran joins us now live mr copus
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during the war you and other soldiers were risking your lives to take fallujah and now seems to be in control how do you feel about that. wow i'm you know i just got to say i'm really honored by this opportunity to speak to you and the audience today because it really is for so many american veterans. a difficult thing to see and it's a lot of mixed emotions and you see the results and you know i've come a long way since my time in pollution in two thousand and four and been able to step back and you know i've been involved in a lot of various efforts here in the united states to help fellow veterans out with p.t.s.d. and things like that so i guess it's just it's incredible to see that you know a lot of the projections that those of us who understood what the war was about at least figured out when we got home coming true now because when you understand the nature of war as a racket you understand the true motivations behind the united states invasion
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occupation when you understand what kind of puppet government was installed in iraq your stand it was really only a matter of time before this happened and i'm truly dismayed that it's happening in such a violent way i had great hopes. that the people of iraq would find a more peaceful way to transition out of this this puppet government but because the american government has been propping up the. the government in iraq they have the guns they have the military might there and whatever popular movement they that there might be will be suppressed and this is i think that's just what we're seeing now and it's it's really tragic that it's having as violently as it is. ok why do you think al-qaeda in iraq has managed to become so strong in spite of the u.s.
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led invasion and occupation as you said setting up this puppet government what what do you think is the reason behind the strength it gained at this point well it's really a matter of understanding what just what is the will of people versus the will of the government which is essentially of the american government and in that case if you want to stand at the there's a gap there and someone's going to step in and try to try to represent the people and when you have to do it with a group like al qaeda or when al qaeda is the one that that's making that attempt then you know you're going to get a you're going to get some violence so it's in a sense it's because there's a certain power vacuum in terms of actually representing the will of the people now whether or not i'll accurately does that i'm i'm not going to be tried i'm not going to try to judge that you know i wasn't i am certainly not in a position to say what the people of pollution want but if. you have
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that kind of disconnect someone is going to step up and in this case that it is al qaeda and it's not you know i'll hide is often seen as this completely detached phenomenon like it's this group of evil people are especially americans looking at the news today are thinking well oh where did it come from you know where where was i got all that oil that's afghanistan because that's that's where we went hunting for bin ladin but the reality is that this is a legitimate grassroots organization in the middle east wherever there is that anti-american or anti-establishment sentiment it's going to be manifested in people that crop up and go well i guess i guess we're all kind of now i mean the reason it's wrong is because the population at least was certain extent supports it if not in some broad based way you know welcoming them very least the new people coming into all kind of well they're coming from the population i understand when i was in iraq in two. and for a lot of the fighters were foreign fighters and there were some of the genuinely happy and it's still happening today as we see in syria and in other places in
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conflict in the middle east there are people going to fight the jihad and they want to go fight in other places where whatever religious motivation they have allows them to target the people that they want but it wouldn't have the strength that it does if it didn't have that popular base of support in representing that they will let's let's listen to this now today u.s. secretary of state john kerry had something to say about what's going on in fallujah right now let's listen to what he had to say we are not obviously contemplating returning we're not cutting plenty putting boots on the ground this is their fight this is a fight that belongs to the iraqis we're not going to put boots on the ground this is their fight this is a fight that belongs to the iraqi people what's your reaction to that after what you and others fought to secure during your time there well it's just where we've come with american policy today and if anything i'd like to think that the american anti-war movement deserves a great deal of credit for the fact that the american government can't get away
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with the kind of intervention that it once did with the kind of flimsy excuses that it had and believe me if they could if they could use this is a siege and say oh well we've got to go back to iraq and finish the job and send another hundred thousand troops they would and i think that sentiment and that understanding of the american government's attitude towards foreign policy really intended to serve the needs of the banking class and the military industrial complex when it came to syria the american people were like you know just put their foot down as soon as the idea came up with when obama was you know really doing a lot of saber rattling towards that i think. the way the american people think about these things has come a long way so they're not able to get away with what they want for all right adam kokesh iraq war veteran thank you so much for joining us. economic stagnation in europe has sparked a trend that many find alarming while government insists the crisis is drawing to an end they are steadily losing ground to a far right opposition movement artist peter all of our reports. from the deal in
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britain in the north to golden dawn in greece in the south far right groups are making their voices heard in europe. this financial crisis affected everyone and it has allowed the right wing organizations to give people someone to blame for their problems it's those people's fault that is how they recruit greece has seen a marked increase in support of the far right in neo nazi groups golden dawn and organization the right did by their critics as hooligans and third heralded by the supporters as the savior for greece for the greeks and they systematically not only preach it and cultivate. but they attack systematical immigrants present a golden dawn of made it further than most they have elected officials on their
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books including current greek m.p. elias custody out us it's not only in politics that extreme right to abuse the permeating this goal celebration by. athens your just kept the itis so the midfielder banned for life from the national team despite his claims that he didn't know what the salute meant but the clearest indicator of the popularity of the far right will be when europeans go to the polls in may to vote in the e.u. parliamentary elections one of those parties on the rise in france's muddying lipans national front. on the european people are realizing that the year is an empire the soviet union in fact is destroying their freedom despite insistences that they want to take part in the political discourse we've seen repeated violent clashes involving these groups even in some of the most stable nations like austria
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where around a third of people voted for parties that are considered the right wing in a recent election. so we need to slow down immigration i have nothing against foreigners but enough is enough. to e.u. is saying where the money should go to allow again your country is also on its own country and it used to wouldn't be like that. dictate everything. else it used to be that all parties interest spruced and the e.u. second no it's only. it seems as long as europe's finances continue to languish in the red more and more its people of. the right. good times are about to get better for the richest americans head to our website to find out why such reforms mean billionaires are exempt from social security payments up to the end of twenty fourteen plus. google glass gets a new arrival as
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a u.s. company unveils contact lenses powered with nano technology that could revolutionize the wearable computing market get the details on our team dot com. the winter olympics are promising to be a literally dazzling event top specialists and engineers have created a lighting system like no other and they're ready to wow audiences around the world are teased about months a reports from the host city. the eyes of the world will be on sochi come february the seventh and frantic work has been going on behind the scenes to make sure the lippy venue sparkle not just for the crowds but for millions of t.v. viewers around the world for the lighting technicians it's been a mess of undertaking lush media for us this is one of a kind technology and design in the world that isn't even the manufacturers who initially claimed it was similar to some other models because of finally admitted
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our installations are totally unique in other words this is an experimental model that will set a benchmark for the whole world this electric cocktail lighting was months in the making the olympic committee found the brightest and best engineers who came up with a unique design for every stadium l.e.d. lights was selected for danger ability they made to last for a century but also for their college changing wall factor. such installations are temporary solution for various sports competitions but this one is hopefully going to stay for quite some time it is based on the cutting edge technology and totally new software that the world has yet to a dog. of to dog the park stadium becomes a scene no whirling ice storms and tumbling snow flakes the ice bank sports palace turns into a giant aquamarine wave the atlas skating rina a million giant was shimmering rainbow colors the first stadium will be hosting the
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opening and closing ceremonies and the preparations are for the light sherry's are being kept carefully under wraps but the crowd work of the life mission is the ice palace this evening i've been given the honors of switching on of the lights here at the olympic park stadiums with this smartphone and a touch of a button let's see what the magic of technology candy. and were a lot of the kaleidoscope a. rod of sportsman lives and of course right here in the sword she between of the black sea and the beautiful white capped mountains and to almost say coming to you from the olympic park in sochi. we'll of course be bringing you more behind the scenes coverage of the olympic belt up and just one month to go before the saatchi twenty fourteen launch.
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of the twenty fourteen olympics what's this place like why is it so special as the russian resort prepares to open the world power the games should be in the city's present and future what sochi will bring you this is the moment they're reporting from a very cold and snowy windy mountainous stuff yet beyond the olympics what does it say. on our team. our two travels to antartica coming up at me for the russian scientist living and working on the frozen continent it's a grant for that one. there
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are many internal battles in society liberals and conservatives will never agree on gun rights or abortion but there is one battle that is often more generational than anything the battle for school uniforms teachers argue that uniforms eliminate a big distraction in the classroom and break up the caste systems that can evolve at school between the cool fashionable kids and the ones who can barely afford lunch like me in my younger years but teenagers will scream uniforms course their freedom of expression and that they have a right to express who they are their individuality who has the right to dictate to them what to wear the thing they don't realize is that if the school doesn't tell them what to wear that big corporations and m.t.v. will all the cool individuals who dress alike and blindly follow all the trends are just obeying corporate marketing instead of their parents yeah for some reason it is bad if the school punishes you for dressing improperly but if the cool kids make your life a living hell for not wearing the right brand of shoes well that's all well and good for some reason hey look at it this way school uniforms are cheap which leaves more money for parents to buy you video games be an individual in your actions and
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not a fake individual in trendy clothes but that's just my opinion. cape town south africa i can to make sure that if diesel electric research vessels exported. the flag to show the ream pilots as a bonus an officer with unrivaled knowledge of these waters he still has to ship out into the atlantic and then returns to dock. this is the very last opportunity for. several weeks to call home with a cell phone very soon it will be far out of range the ship is setting sail for a inaccessible area if there's any kind of emergency no one to provide any kind of help.


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